The Mrs Hinch-approved SonicScrubber drops to its lowest price yet - اینتر وباینتر وب The Mrs Hinch-approved SonicScrubber drops to its lowest price yet - اینتر وب
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The Mrs Hinch-approved SonicScrubber drops to its lowest price yet

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16 نوامبر 2021
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Here, cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie, former presenter of Channel 4’s How Clean Is Your House?, shares all you need to know to keep you and your loved ones healthy this Christmas — without scrubbing away the festive spirit .

A grubby fridge is not nice for visitors. They think, ‘If that’s the fridge, what’s going into my food?’ The fridge handle and door need to be cleaned often, whether or not your guests will be opening it to help themselves.

The battery-powered electric cleaning brush comes equipped with four brush heads, each made to tackle varying dirty surfaces, including a medium-size, a large size, a cone-shaped head and a soft cleaning head.

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“But, we expect that over time there will be more scrubber investment actually beyond 2020 – into the 2020-2024 range – we would see perhaps that demand growing back for high-sulphur fuel oil versus the short-term shift to very low-sulphur fuel oil.”

To use the item, simply add body scrubs on amazon soap to the scrubber, then move your feet back and fourth while cleaning – and you no longer need to bend over or strain your leg trying to keep a balance in the shower 

“There’s been scrubber investment … that’s the proportion of folks that will continue to use high-sulphur fuel oil although we see a significant reduction in demand in the short run,” Sharon Weintraub, Chief Executive Officer for Supply and Trading, Eastern Hemisphere at BP told Reuters.

‘It makes your feet so clean and feels good. I love this thing. Just put liquid soap on it and go to town with those feet. It takes the callous off your feet. No more bending over. Just use and then rinse off and hang up with the loop it has,’ another said.

Rust can tend to thrive from hot and dry environments but can equally build up in a mix of rainy and humid conditions too, so it’s important to be aware of rust prevention and understand how to keep it clean and also ways to position or store it in your garden.

Avoid hand-to-mouth contact, or ingesting the spores from a cough. You might prefer to remove some packaging — I always take the cellophane off packs of grapes — but the main thing is to wash your hands properly after handling it, and dry them on a clean towel.

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If you like a particular scent — rosemary and clove are especially lovely at this time of year — but don’t want to burn expensive candles, place a few drops of essential oil on a piece of cotton wool and place it around the back of the radiator, or dot a little on a lightbulb.

This self-filtering water bottle has three simple parts (bottle, cap and filter — four parts if you count the carbon capsule inside the filter), and the prep is simple: Just run clean water over the carbon filter capsule. Any time you use the bottle, let the water sit for a few moments to prime the hollow-fiber membrane filter. 

Paige Thies/CNET

Waterwell claims its double-stage filtration system removes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens, but based on the taste of the water that came from this bottle, I wouldn’t be so sure. I didn’t feel or see any particles like I did with the Lifestraw Go, but the taste alone was enough to make me wary of bringing this bottle into the backcountry for clean water. 

Got an egg chair? Lucky you! These have been the talk of the town in outdoor living, but now it means ensuring paint colours don’t flake, rattan materials stay bright and cushions look fresh whilst out in the sunshine. 

Others pointed out the product was great to use in the shower where it’s usually a tight space so it’s difficult to bend over – while many said it’s a great tool for pregnant women, those with an injury or arthritis and elderly people.

‘Metal is, of course, more hard-wearing than sort furnishings but it does require upkeep to stop rust, otherwise, it can become hard to maintain the quality of the product over time and can fall into disrepair.

‘I was scrubbing heavily with lots of Viakal before, and there was still residue left, but with this, it does all the effort for you. Works very similarly to an electric toothbrush, just was more powerful, and it comes with a few different attachments so you can get into all the nooks and crannies or do a wider area like your tiles.

To use the item, simply add body soap to the scrubber, then move your feet back and fourth while cleaning – and you no longer need to bend over or strain your leg  trying to keep a balance in the shower.

‘I recently moved into a house where there was heavy limescale buildup in the bathrooms and this amazing gadget made light work of cleaning it off!’ another customer explained in their five-star review.


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